Our BWBC Membership Community

All programs come with FREE access to our Member Community!  Our member community is my passion.  We created our member community to motivate and engage you as much as possible.  This is where we build confidence and support.  This is how we create an environment that breeds a lifestyle change.  

ALL Body Weight Boot Camp members receive:

  • Complete customer support and personal weekly check-ins.

  • Exclusive offers for 1-on-1 Coaching opportunities with me.

  •  Unlimited access all of the Body Weight Boot Camp content.

  • Access to our private group with regular focuses, private live events with me, live Q&As and member features.


7 day complete Money Back Guarantee with any order.   

  • Intense Exercise Training

    Complete step-by-step training program with video demonstration with unique daily content and workout structure. Derived from the knowledge and experience of World Champions and Olympic Athletes!

  • Real Results

    Our Clients have lost over 15 pounds in 30 days, gain over 5 pounds of lean muscle mass or made more than a 25% Improvement in Overall Strength and Functionality!

  • Nutrition Guides

    Sample nutrition plans in detail breaking down suggested quantity and meal construction. Our weekly suggested adjustments to any diet to make the largest improves with the least amount of distress!

  • Mobile Friendly

    Includes a printable and mobile version of the full Body Weight Boot Camp and nutrition materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Hopefully the following can answer your objections!


I purchased The Complete Package and just finished phase 1 but I do not feel I am ready to increase intensity and move on to phase 2.  Can I just stay in phase-1 until I am ready?

YES! When you buy the complete package and become a member, you can stay in each phase as long as you would like. When you are ready to increase intensity,  move on to phase 2!

 Does the Body Weight Boot Camp included nutritional guidance?

 YES!  Each phase has a different nutritional approach.  All 3 phases include basic and advanced  diet plans as well as your weekly nutritional adjustment approach.  The weekly approaches are great because they help you make positive, gradual changes to your diet without the shock.  Our goal is to have a sustainable adjustment that will continue to help you improve for the rest of your life.

There are a lot of workout programs out there. What results have other Body Weight Boot Camp members achieved?

Depending on the track you choose, our clients have lost over 15 pounds in 30 days, gained over 5 pounds of lean muscle mass, or made more than a 25% Improvement in overall strength and functionality!

What does it mean to be a member?

A membership comes with the selection of any phase or package.  The largest obstacle in our fitness journey is motivation.  We created our membership group so we can do everything possible to engage you, motivate you and guide you throughout this entire process.  We have private Facebook groups with amazing members that share insight and support.  I do live Q&As weekly and answer questions asked on our discussion board.  We also check in with you personally to see if you need any other assistance from us.  Our dream is to have every member feel like we are right there with you, every step of the way!



Josh Sissler

" The proof is in the effort. Don't tell yourself you don't have the time. My day of being a contractor is sporadic and hectic and I'm all over the place every single day. It's an excuse you make for yourself saying "I don't have the time." You have the time for ANYTHING that you want. For that, you'll find a way to make the time. I'd like to thank @brandonwynngym and the @bodyweightbootcamp for this great opportunity to show everyone what this program is all about! Good work to the others who did this with me! Now that we've reached this stage, might as well stick to it." 

RJ Rankin

 " One month difference after completing the @bodyweightbootcamp thank you @brandonwynngym for allowing me to be apart of this! I definitely l learned a lot that I can take an apply to my own philosophy."


" I was always a fit girl, with a body that made me happy.  As a Team USA Boxer, I always had to get very lean in short periods of time and maintain the highest level of strength and agility.  The principals of the Body Weight Boot Camp made a world of difference for me.  I feel stronger, leaner and more energetic! "


"A few weeks ago I posted about my initial diet success.. I started at 17.9% and was at around 13% after a few weeks.

Well just tested again today and I am down to 8.4%!! Very happy with how successful i’ve been in just about a month and a half. Close to my goal and feeling great!" -Jack Langer

Missy Fitzwater

We are Olympian Jake Dalton and World Medalist Brandon Wynn.  The Body Weight Boot Camp is our Training and Nutrition approach bundled into an  extremely effective training program. These are our favorite TRAINING and NUTRITION techniques we have used throughout our careers and continue to use everyday. Join us and our community of Body Weight Boot Campers as we take this journey together!